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Learning to Save - Pay Yourself First

2014-06-17 21:00:18

One thing all people with healthy finances have in common is that they save money. However a lot of people really struggle with this basic financial step.  You have plans to save, but by the end of the month somehow there is nothing left.  The tried and true way to fix this problem is known by financial experts as “pay yourself first”  

So how does it work?

First you need to come up with a realistic monthly budget.  Spend a couple of months tracking your spending to see where your money goes; see if you can identify wasteful spending or places it would be easy to cut...[more]

The Importance of Learning Financial Management After Your Insolvency

2014-08-25 16:19:14

Some people find themselves in financial trouble because of an emergency they weren’t prepared for, such as getting too sick to work, or having large medical bills for a family member, however, many other people find themselves in financial trouble simply because they spend more than they earn and have poor money management skills. If you file a consumer proposal or assign into bankruptcy, learning better money management skills will become a priority.  A consumer proposal depends on you making the agreed upon payments, so you have to budget to ensure that you can make them and during...[more]